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About Mjölnir

Mjölnir is a start up design & product development company based in Amsterdam. We are an enthustiastic and passionate team of people that loves to design and develop bags and accessories.

With over more than a decade of experience in designing, developing and producing bags and accessories for some of the leading brands in the world. We thought it is about time to pursuit our dream by launching our own products under our own label.

The name Mjölnir (prenounced as Mjolnear) is figured out by a 7 year old kid. My son who is a huge fan of Thor the super hero and his indestructible hammer called ‘Mjölnir’. The Mjölnir is not just a hammer, it’s a piece of art and craftsmanship. When you see it, it makes you feel like you want to grab it and use it. It breathes quality, strength and durability. These are the same values and experience that we embrace for our bags.

Always looking out for high quality and innovative materials for our creations. Our mission is to spoil our backers with original designs and let them experience high- end products at affordable prices. Our designs are being inspired on the nowadays trends in the world of travel, sports cars, architecture and fashion. We believe that design and functionality are inseparable.