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    Address:No.1 Baisha Road, Yanfeng District,Hengyang City, Hunan Province, China

Brief Introduction of TBEA Hengyang Electric Branch Co.
    TBEA Hengyang Electric Branch Company is a specialized power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing enterprise affiliated to TBEA Group integrating research and development, production and operation, and maintenance of transformers. The company mainly deals in products including various kinds of transformer tanks and accessories, transformer intelligent control cabinets, high and low voltage switch cabinets, butterfly valves, iron cores, oil rubber seals, and nameplates and it has established a professional transformer engineering maintenance company, i.e. TBEA Group Hengyang Electric Engineering Maintenance and Commissioning Co., Ltd. The company is dedicated to exploration and coordinated development in the power equipment manufacturing area. It implements both management innovation and technological innovation and constantly optimizes its product and market structure to enhance its core competitiveness and create an international famous brand. The products are widely applied in key national demonstration projects such as the Three Gauges Hydropower Station, Qinghai-Tibet railway, Lanzhou-Guanting 750kV and southeast of Shanxi 1000kV ultrahigh voltage power transmission and transformation and are exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Europe and the US. In the future, the company will become one of the powerful transformer maintenance and equipment manufacturing enterprises in South China.
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